Complete Car Protection

  • Rust proofing
    -complete protection sprayed in body panels to protect vehicle from rust and corrosion
  • Undercoating
    -heavy coating to reduce road noise and under car attrition
  • Paint sealant
    -coated protection against bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain
  • Fabric protection
    -spray on protection guarding against unwanted stains and spills
  • Spray on bedliner

Rust can occur overtime on any vehicle and is contagious to the rest of your vehicle. Chemicals on the road and dirt built up on the under carriage can also lead to rusting. Salt proofing and under carriage protection also benefit your vehicle’s overall well being and increasing its lifespan.

Spray on bedliner is practical for any work or commercial trucks in the Midwest. These bedliners don’t drip and stick to the surface immediately giving it an impenetrable coat. Protecting your bed from the weather and anything you throw into it.