Facts On Deductible

Facts About “Burying The Deductible”

From time to time all body shop operators are faced with requests from vehicle owners to “Bury The Deductible” when the damage being Repaird is covered by collision insurance. At this point the car owner should be advised that before he or she takes their car to someone who will “Bury The Deductible” they should consider the following points:

  • Conspiring to “Bury The Deductible” is Insurance Fraud and is against the law punishable by fine and\or imprisonment.
  • In this age of computers, Insurance Company Appraisers know the cost of repairs, as well as body shops, and are not easily fooled by inflated estimates.
  • If a shop agrees to ‘Bury The Deductible” it has to take short cuts in making the repairs, and the owner will get a second rate job, which depreciates the value of the automobile at trade in time.
  • A body shop willing to cheat an insurance company will also cheat the customer. A body shop never really absorbs the deductible. The value is taken right out of the job, and the owner will still end up taking the loss.
  • If the body shop decides to cut corners on the job it ends up a second rate repair. The owner has no one to complain to if he or she conspired to “Bury The Deductible”
  • When it is time to trade in your vehicle you could take even a larger loss then your deductible was in the first palace.

The smart thing for an owner to do is to protect his or her investment by getting a First-Class Job done by a First-Class Shop.
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