Headlight Restoration

Clear headlights are important for driver safety especially in Iowa and Illinois with the deer infested roads. Headlights are prone to fogging and yellowing over time and replacing them can be costly. Collision Repair Center has the experts and the right equipment to make your headlights look new again!

Driving at night can be a scary thing when your headlights aren’t up to par. Over time your headlights will fog up or yellow due to the sun, making them less effective. There are many in store products that don’t provide the results you need to feel safe at night. Give your car that brand new headlight look without having to replace your current ones. Collision Repair Center has the proper equipment and qualified technicians to give your headlights the proper cleaning You will see the results immediately and can feel safer when driving at night. Give us a call at  (309) 796-1100 for more information.