C.R.C. has evolved from a single car garage in the fall of 1979 to what it is today and will always be on the leading edge of technology and quality repairs

Collision Repair Center Inc., is more than just another “body shop”. We repair all facets of an automobile, and on occasion, a motor home or semi-tractor for residents in the bi-state area.

C.R.C. was established in September 1983 in downtown Silvis as an extension of Quality Control Auto Body (est.1979). The two were run as a single enterprise until August 1984 when C.R.C. was expanded to Hazen Inc. d/b/a Collision Repair Center.

In 1984 Hazen Inc. formed Mel’s Brake and Alignment. Two years later it was moved to the downtown Silvis location.

In 1990, with all three shops operating at full capacity, the decision was made to expand again. Unable to achieve this in downtown Silvis, the alignment, mechanical, and collision divisions were moved to our present location in East Moline, (1991).

In 1996 the corporation name was changed to Collision Repair Center Inc. Then In 1997, as was envisioned in 1983, Quality Control Auto Body was merged with Collision Repair Center Inc.



  • Myron purchased one of the first four point anchoring systems for the up and coming uni-body vehicles arriving in the market place.


  • The first of nine MIG welders was purchased for proper uni-body panel replacement and structure repairs.


  • C.R.C. was the first body shop to bring the Quad Cities area, Laser Beam Measuring for accurate uni-body structure alignment and repair.
  • Also the latest frame machine was added to aid in those types of repairs.


  • C.R.C. was the first independent body shop with four-wheel computerized alignments and computer wheel balancing.
  • Our first tire machine was put in place also.


  • C.R.C. was again the first independent body shop, in the Illinois area, to introduce computerized estimates. This greatly improved accuracy as well as being easy to read.


  • C.R.C. was a leader in the collision repair process by adding a Plasma cutter to its list of equipment.


  • C.R.C. brought a whole host of firsts to the area industry which include:
  • State of the art paint area
  • Four Binks Prep Stations to aid in cleaner paint jobs.
  • Binks Surround Air computerized spray/baking booth (only the 65th in the nation).
  • Computerized paint mixing / matching room with PPG Touch Mix.
  • (The PPG Touch Mix was the 8th one to be installed in the United States.)
  • A second frame machine was added.
  • A new tire machine for the protection of alloy wheels was installed.


  • We were the first, independent auto body shop, in the area with R-12 and HFC134a air conditioner recycle recovery capabilities. This helps save our environment.


  • C.R.C. combined a computer with laser measuring. This provided documentation to our customers.
  • A new combination pressure washer and steam cleaner was added for the final washing and detailing of our customers vehicles.


  • A second computer with laser measuring was added, and the 1995 model was updated, for uni-body repair and measurement verification. This also aided in decreasing the time needed for repairs because of equipment availability.
  • A resistance spot welder was added to aid in outer panel replacement and allow us to make repairs look and hold like original. However technology of this latest machine was not sufficient enough to allow for structural uni-body panel replacement at this time. That would come a few years later.


  • CRC expanded by doubling the mechanical department and added a second 4-wheel alignment machine along with 3 more hoists.
  • An estimating area capable of housing four vehicles included a floor hoist to better view the damage on customer’s vehicles.
  • The paint area was expanded from 3400 sq. feet to over 7500 sq. feet.
  • Two new Divilbis Smart Cure, down-draft paint/baking booths were added.
  • The Cleanup/Detail department was relocated to a separate area.
  • A third frame machine put in place.
  • Digital photography was added to aid in the settlement and expedience of insurance claims.
  • We installed our second four-wheel alignment machine. The latest in technology. A John Beam 3D-computer model.
  • The outside of the building got a facelift.


  • C.R.C. installed portable ultra-violet lamps in order to return customer vehicle back as quickly as possible, while retaining the high standards of quality that our we and our demand and our customers have come to expect.
  • Two new Chief Velocity computer aided laser measuring systems replaced the ones that were now outdated, or should we say behind the times. After all they were only a couple of years old. These new Laser machines were more user friendly, provided us with quicker data, allowing us to reduce the cycle time of damage repair.


  • CRC introduced 24 hour towing to its list of services
  • In keeping up with technology C.R.C. added the latest resistance spot welder for uni-body structural repair and panel replacement.
  • A Snap-On engine scanner was put into use.
  • In 2000 there were approximately 680,000 body technicians in the United States. Out of that there were 185 PPG Master Certified technicians. Out of those 185 Collision Repair Center Inc. employed 5 Master Certified Technicians.
  • CRC became a charter member of “Certified First”.


  • A second resistance spot welder was added. Just like the one purchased the year before.


  • The latest electronic headlamp aiming machine was purchased. This provides our customers with a print out of their lamp candlepower as well as the peace of mind knowing they aren’t blinding oncoming traffic.


  • A second estimating data base was put in place for the ease of working with different insurance companies, which allows us to return our customers vehicles back to them quicker.
  • With the onset of 24-inch tires and rims we planned for the future by installing a tire machine and computerized wheel balancer to accommodate our customers more readily.
  • We purchased a new Hunter brake lathe to replace our old ones.
  • We installed the latest model Hunter four wheel alignment machine, our third. We still keep the original Hunter C 111 around for a backup in case there would be a rare computer failure on both of our other ones at the same time.


  • The entire office area received an overhaul and up date.
  • A handi-cap bathroom was installed
  • The latest Snap-On Modis electronics and engine scanner replaced our out dated scanners.


  • After 6 years of looking for a top quality sprayed in pickup truck bed lining system. CRC obtained a license to spray on REFLEX bed liners.
  • C.R.C. has 10 single post hoists with two position safety catches for employee protection. The mechanical shop has two twin post clear span hoists as well as two alignment hoists, a twin post and a scissors hoist.
  • Our facility has been voluntarily checked by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) for employee protection and public health.
  • C.R.C. is a member of Automotive Service Association (A.S.A.), a member of PPG MVP roundtable, and has the elite distinction of being a PPG Certified First shop. C.R.C. provides a nationwide written warranty.