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Complete Car Protection

Complete Car Protection

At Collision Repair Center, we provide complete car protection programs that offer additional protection and support to the exterior surface of your vehicle. During the process, a layer of material is applied on top of the vehicle’s exterior paint and serves as a protective layer. This treatment is usually an invisible coating when applied to the body of the vehicle, and protects the paint from rock chips, chemical damage, and sun fading. The professional vehicle protection technicians and Collision Repair Center offer several different types of protectants to choose from. These vary depending on the area of the vehicle being treated, from paint protectants for the entire vehicle body to bedliners and undercoating.


Complete Car Protection Services and Benefits

  • Rust proofing – Rust proofing offers your vehicle complete protection against rust. It is sprayed into body panels to protect the vehicle from rust and corrosion.
  • Undercoating – The process for undercoating includes applying a heavy coating underneath the vehicle, which is sprayed on to help reduce road noise and under-car attrition. Salt-proofing and undercarriage protection also benefit your vehicle’s overall wellbeing and increase its lifespan.
  • Paint sealant – Not only does paint sealant protect the car against normal wear and tear, it also helps protect it against bird droppings, tree sap, and chemicals in outdoor water and rain.
  • Fabric protection – Guard your vehicle’s interior from food and drink stains, as well as spills, mud and other chemicals and liquids on the fabric. Fabric protection provides a barrier-like layer between your fabric interior and the spill, allowing for easy cleanup!
  • Spray-In Bed liner – Protect your bedliner and everything you haul with a spray-in bedliner! Our bedliner is practical for any work or commercial trucks in the Midwest. These bedliners don’t drip and stick to the surface immediately, giving it an impenetrable coat. Protect your truck bed from the weather and anything you throw into it.

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