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Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal, also known as paintless dent repair, is the removal of minor dents from the body of a vehicle. This often happens due to door dings, minor rock hits, and storms. Larger dents can sometimes be addressed using the paintless dent service, provided that the paint surface is still intact.

Professional Paintless Dent Removal Services:

The qualified and professional vehicle body work technicians at Collision Repair Centers provide paintless dent removal services to get your vehicle looking new again as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. With a variety of tools and techniques, we can remove nearly any dent in your car’s surface. One question that’s been asked is whether paintless dent removal can damage the original paint of the car. The answer to this is no, but there can be little patches if it is not done by a professional. This is why Collision Repair Company has the best technicians, with the skills and experience to get your vehicle’s surface repair done right.

How Is Paintless Dent Repair Done?

The most common technique utilized is using a metal rod and body picks to push the dents out of the underside of the body panel. Specially-made tabs and glue may also be used to pull out the dent from the outside of the panel. Fine-tuning often involves tapping down the repair for removal of small high spots.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

  • Value retention – compared to traditional repairs where a damaged car has to undergo several procedures, such as repainting and use of body filters, paintless dent removal is more efficient when done by a skilled technician using specialized tools.
  • Timesaving – paintless dent repair takes very little time to be done; it can be done in only a few hours compared to the size and number of dents. It’s more reliable than traditional repair since traditional repair takes days to complete.
  • Lower cost – since paintless dent removal takes less time than conventional repair, the cost is lower. This is because the costs don’t include paint, primer, and body filter.
  • Environmentally-friendly – more importantly, it is environmental-friendly. Paintless dent repair has no negative impact on the environment. The air is not polluted since no toxic chemicals are being released.

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