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One of the types of maintenance that the expert technicians at Collison Repair Center recommend routinely is to inspect the health of your car’s transmission. This usually involves performing a fluid flush and filter exchange, as well as reviewing all components and mechanical features of your transmission to ensure everything is operating smoothly.

Repairing or replacing the transmission in your vehicle can be one of the most costly things to do, so it’s important to bring it to a trusted auto shop. At Collision Repair Center, we service all types of transmissions, whether it is a manual, automatic, semi-automatic, or dual clutch. We’ll help your vehicle’s transmission get back to running like new.


Transmission Services:

  • Adjust Linkage – This is typically what needs to be addressed in your transmission when you start hearing humming, buzzing or whining noise from your vehicle. Another sign is if the transmission is not responding as expected when shifting gears. Automatic transmission linkage is what turns the gears or shifts them into the desired position such as park, neutral, drive, etc. depending on the model or manufacturer of your vehicle. This linkage can wear or break over time, and will not be able to adjust according to the gear shifter.
  • Transmission Oil & Filter Change – The oil and oil filter of a vehicle aid the car by providing lubrication and friction-reducing capabilities with clean, fresh oil. This increase in lubrication allows the engine to run easier and smoother because there is less friction. Regular oil changes based on your manufacturer’s recommendations will help improve your vehicle’s gas mileage as well as protect and enhance the the lifespan of your engine.
  • Clutch Services – The clutch is a vital part of the transmission system. If your vehicle is a manual transmission, the clutch connects two or more rotating shafts and controls the connection between the shaft from the engine and the shafts that turn the wheels. The clutch contains two main parts, including the clutch plate and flywheel, and each of these parts work together to allow the car to change speed and come to a complete stop without shutting off the engine.

Importance of Transmission Services

Having your transmission serviced regularly will help keep and improve the vehicle’s performance, and can extend the life of your engine and vehicle. Not sure if your transmission really needs work done? There’s no need to worry because Collision Repair Center can check your vehicle in its entirety. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive review and quote as well as our expert recommendations based on what we find, allowing you to decide the best course of action for your vehicle.

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